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What is tally

What is tally Tally is a constant count of something. When you start working in the field of accounting, the questions asked earlier in your interview or by someone you know how to use the tally? Some may answer yes and some may say. If you do not know how to use Tally, do not worry. This Tutorial will help you understand Tally. Tally is a software used by all firms to carry out their accounting work.   Tally came from the Latin word "stick" because people wanted to mark the sticks and keep the check. For example, the score between 2 hockey teams is 15–20. So 15-20 is the count of goals scored by each team. In other words, we can say that we do not keep pace with the goals scored by each team.   Introduction to What is Tally   Nowadays every big firm has its own software (like SAP) in which they do their accounting work. Tally is software used by small and medium-sized commercial firms. The work of this software is the same and does not differ from company